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Why Seal your Asphalt?Sealcoating asphalt will ensure   that it has a much longer life than that of unsealed pavement. Even on a weak    pavement, sealcoating will preserve water and oxidizing effects of the sun,   salts, and petroleum spillage. This high-quality coating preserves the   pavement surface, and the asphalt and aggregate layers will remain protected   and moist for flexibility.Using a coal tar and asphalt emulsion pitch fortified with liquid latex   rubber and diamond shield will treat and protect any asphalt surface. Coal   tar is a closed ring of hydrocarbon’s which do not oxidize (dry out) when   exposed to weathering or chemicals that commonly come in contact with asphalt   pavement.
    Now,  Let’s Summarize the Benefits        of Coal Tar & Asphalt Emulsion Sealer that are Applied Under Pressure

  •   Increases the esthetic value of property and home
  •   Outstanding resistance to detergents used to clean pavements   subjected to heavy fuel, oil or grease spillages.
  •   Excellent resistance to water.
  •   Unexcelled flexibility over a wide temperature range.
  •   Superior weathering ability.
  •   Non-scuffing under normal conditions.
  •   Readily mixed with sand where a non-skid surface or increased   traction is desired.
  •   Extends the service life of asphalt pavements.
  •   Dries to a velvety black color.
  •   Lends ease to cleaning and maintenance of asphalt.
  •   Adds safety by minimizing loose stone aggregate   “roll” out.
  •   Can be striped with water emulsion paints after the film is   cured.